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Refund Policy

Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law and our refund policy is subject to that Law/Act

The customer must also comply with a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一’s Hire Contract Conditions.

Cancellation of Hire

As a customer you may only cancel your hire reservation online or over the phone at any time prior to the hire commencing. Where delivery has been requested and cancellation is inside 2 hours of the start date/time a ‘futile  delivery' charge will apply when the driver has loaded or left the branch. The amount charged for ‘futile delivery' will not exceed the quoted amount for delivery. a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 also reserve the right to on-charge any other legitimate costs incurred following a cancellation.

Upon cancellation a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 will refund any deposit taken.

Faulty Equipment

It is a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一’s responsibility to provide equipment free from fault and in good working order. If any item is received in a faulty condition or not in good working order, a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 will either repair or replace the item, or refund any deposit taken.

When an item has been delivered, repair or replacement of the item onsite will be entirely at a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一’s cost where the Equipment is hired by the customer to be located within 50 kilometres from the hiring branch.

Where Equipment is hired by the customer to be located more than 50 kilometres from the hiring branch, repair or replacement of the Item onsite will be at the cost of the customer.

(Please note: for remote hire the customer is generally responsible, at its cost, for daily maintenance and care of equipment in its possession.  The customer will generally pay all charges relating to delivery, servicing and repair of equipment and for any other attendance by a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一. Charges may include parts, consumables, travel to and from, labour costs, call out fees and direct travel costs.)

Sales Items

At the completion of hire a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 will accept the return of any sales items provided for use with our hire equipment, provided that the item(s) has not been opened, used, damaged or tampered with in a way that prevents the resale of that item. At the completion of the hire the sale amount of those items will not be invoiced.

Sale items returned within a reasonable period after they have been invoiced will be refunded provided the item has not been opened, damaged or tampered with in a way that prevents the resale of that item. A a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 invoice is required for a refund to be issued, and a毛片线在线播放免费,亚洲欧美中文日韩在线视频一 will assist to locate legitimate invoices for you.

For information on Australian consumer laws, please visit the Australian consumer law website at http://www.consumerlaw.gov.au.

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